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We hold Adoption Events every couple weeks at our local PetSmart in Abingdon, MD.. This enables us to handle a large quantity of adoptions at one time, and for Adopters to meet all of the puppies at once. Adopters can also purchase all supplies needed for bringing their new puppy home.


Our Adoption Event Etiquette is somewhat different than visiting a foster’s home.

For Adoption events, most puppies are first come first serve. We have found that holding puppies for certain people often resulted in that family not showing up, or showing up and picking a different dog. We also want to make sure that you agree with the personality of the puppy before making a definite decision.


For some adult dogs or special needs dogs, we WILL hold that dog until it’s pre-approved interested adopter shows up. This is because that person most likely had to go through an extra adoption criteria in order to be approved. If they decide to not adopt, then we will move on with other adopters.

Fosters always get first dibs to adopt. Just because a puppy is posted does not mean that it will be at the event. The best way to find out, is to get pre-approved and show up.


From the time that the Adoption Event is posted, we start a list of approved adopters. That is the order that we allow adoptions at the event. That way, no matter how early someone gets there, there will be no line jumping until the event starts. We will call out the names In order of approval, match you with a volunteer, and have you pick out a puppy. After we get through the “mad rush” at the beginning, we will take other pre-approved adopters and walk-ups.

If you plan on trying to adopt on site, please know that we process you the same. So if your landlord or vet does not answer phone calls on the weekend, we will not be able to approve you until Monday, and will not be able to hold that dog.


The entire family must be present in order to adopt. We do not allow our dogs to be gifts! If you would like to get a puppy for the family for the holiday or a special event, it needs to be discussed with the entire family. All family between 3-17 years old must be present. If an adult member of the family cannot make it, we ARE able to call and speak with them to get their approval.

You need to have another adult (over 18 years old), or a travel crate, in order to take a puppy home. This is for the puppy’s safety.

You need to bring or purchase a collar or harness, and leash, prior to leaving with a dog.

Adoption Event Adoption fees are the same as standard, and we only accept PayPal and Cash.

The person that filled out the application will be the person to sign the Adoption Contract.

PAWS Rescue has final say in who adopts what puppy. If we do not feel like it is a good fit or if you do not fit all of the criteria for that puppy, we have the right to not process that adoption.



What is the money spent on that you raise?

  • All donations, fees, and proceeds go directly to helping our dogs, nobody at PAWS Rescue receives a salary. 



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