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Adoption Information



Please read through our policies before making the commitment to adopt.

Feel free to read through the contract you will sign when you adopt your new puppy.

These are the puppies we have available at this time.

Fill out our online adoption application.

Description of our fee's and what they cover.


Please read our Adoption Policies. These are our rules and regulations and we are unable to make exceptions.

  1. The application must be specific for one puppy. General applications will not be processed, as different dogs have different requirements, unless there is a scheduled adoption event (in which case please view the Adoption Event Policy found under the "Event" tab)

  2. You must be 21 years old to adopt and all adopters and partners/spouses must show ID at the time of adoption.

  3. Applications and Contracts must be made from the adopters directly. We do not allow our dogs to be given away as gifts or as surprises. Whoever fills out the Application must be the one to sign the Contract.  Everyone in the family MUST know about the adoption when you apply or you will be disqualified from adopting. 

  4. You must first be approved before you will be allowed to meet any of our dogs. Our dogs are in foster homes and we protect our foster's information. We do not operate a kennel and we do not allow casual shopping for dogs. We are looking for serious and committed dog owners only. DO NOT apply for a dog unless you are ready to bring home a puppy NOW. If you are leaving for vacation within 2 months, it is not a good time to bring home a dog. They need at LEAST that long to decompress. 

  5. You must respond to all written communication within 12 hours. Failure to do so will put you at the bottom of the adoption line for that particular dog.

  6. Please allow 1-3 days for approval. Once you are approved, you will be contacted by the foster to set up a meet and greet. The meeting and adoption must take place within 48 hours or we will move on to other adopters. *Post COVID- there will only be one meeting. If the family agrees, you adopt the dog at that time. We will not be scheduling second meetings.

  7. To help us ensure people are reading our policies you will need the application code to complete the application. Applications without the policy code will not be processed. The policy code is PUPAW23.

  8. Please make sure you have the correct information listed on your application. Incomplete applications or those missing information will not be processed, as we do not have the time to track down this information. Please call your vet BEFORE submitting the application and release records to the rescue. 

  9. Single adopters need another adult over the age of 18 OR a travel crate in order to travel home with the puppy.

  10. Copies of signed contracts will not be provided.. Please take a picture with your phone or download our adoption contract from the website and bring a spare copy.

  11. Adoption fees are to be paid by either Cash, Venmo, or Paypal only, with an additional $15 charge for Paypal transactions. We do not accept Checks. The Rescue Representatives have the right to deny or approve any application for any reason at any time, without needed explanation. 

  12. Dogs that are adopted from PAWS Rescue and later need to be returned will need to follow the policy for returns set forth in their contract. You are unable to rehome the dog on your own or surrender to any other rescue or shelter.

  13. PAWS Alumni strays that are pulled from animal control will result in a $50 fee for owners to reclaim. The rescue will take into account the dog’s best interest in returning strays to owners that were not reclaimed at the county shelter. We will make daily attempts to contact the owner for 5 days, using the information given to us in the Adoption Application. After that, the dog would be available for adoption. 

  14. Dogs are not to be placed in boarding under the age of 4 months or within 2 months of adoption. This is a critical bonding time for you and your new pet, and vacations should be scheduled around this period.



  • Puppies under 6 months old $500

  • Puppies 6-12 months $400

  • Dogs over 1 year old $350

  • Dogs over 7 years old $250

  • Puppy Mill Program, up to $750

Our goal is to not lose money and our adoption fee covers all vetting costs, including: pull fees charged to Rescue by shelters and animal control facilities, spay/neuter costs, all shots including bordetella (kennel cough), distemper/parvo (every 14 days for puppies, puppies will leave with a minimum of 2 puppy shots), rabies, fecal and heartworm and tick-borne disease screening, and treatment as needed, heartworm and flea preventative, microchip, grooming and any other costs which may be incurred while they are in our care.

Why does adopting a dog cost so much?

It is true that many government-run shelters may have a very low adoption fees to adopt a dog. However, most do not provide the vet care we do and those that do are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. We applaud the work that shelters do, but we do not have the resources of the taxpaying public to support our work. It is expensive to properly vet a puppy. The adoption donations we receive allow us to continue rescuing other puppies and dogs in need. Many times the dogs we take in are in poor physical condition and are in need of extensive vet care. A dog that has heartworms can cost $1000 to treat. Orthopedic issues  and internal surgeries can run in the thousands of dollars. We do fund raise to cover these special needs dogs, but adoption donations allow us to keep doing rescue.

Puppy Mill Program: Dogs and Puppies in this program often cost us more money for the initial rescue and often require more in medical care and grooming. Depending on these expenses, the adoption fee can be higher than normal.

Every adopter is part of our rescue. Adopters take our dogs and "finish" their rescue by making them family members. Without adopters, we could not continue our work. We thank you for considering rescue.



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