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Please read through our policies before making the commitment to foster for our rescue.

Download the PAWS guide to being a foster.

Feel free to read through the contract you will sign when you become a foster.

Fill out our online foster application.


Please read our Adoption Policies. These are our rules and regulations and we are unable to make exceptions.

  • Adhere to all PAWS policies and signed PAWS Foster Contract.

  • Respond within 24 hours to communication from PAWS or potential adopters.

  • Immediately report to PAWS any behavioral or medical issues that you observe in the foster animal.

  • PAWS retains guardianship and control of all animals in foster care. PAWS will make all final decisions regarding their placement. Foster animals are not to be given away or kept – any adoption of an animal in foster care MUST go through the PAWS adoption process with all applicable and accompanying PAWS forms and fees.

  • A home visit may be conducted prior to and during fostering.

  • Foster pets are to be kept in the home of the address on record. Any situation necessitating the removal or transfer of the pet must be communicated to PAWS, and express written permission must be provided prior to removal or transfer of the pet.

  • Keep your current animals up to date on all vaccines. You must not only follow your veterinarian’s vaccine schedule, but provide any vaccines required by PAWS for fostering as well, at your own expense.

  • Any other animals coming into contact with the foster animal must be spayed/neutered and up to date on basic vaccines, to include Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordatella.

  • Fosters should notify PAWS immediately if an animal dies while in the foster’s care.

  • If you elect to stop fostering or can no longer care for the animal that is currently in your care, you must wait for PAWS to find another placement for that animal. The animal and all supplies given must be transferred together.

  • PAWS operates a Facebook page specifically designed for PAWS Volunteers and Fosters. We encourage you to join this page to share questions, get advice from others, and post your success stories.

  • Any information pertaining to PAWS records and cases which you may become privileged to (including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc) as a result of your affiliation with PAWS is confidential and may not be discussed with others, except as required to do so by law.

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