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Blue Line K-9 gets results for you and your Dog!  Blue line K-9 has trained 100's of dogs including Police dogs, Family dogs, hunting dogs, Abandon Dogs, Dogs from shelters, puppy's, all different breeds, and has gotten the results the owners wanted.


Blue Line K-9 was founded by Mike Soler.  Mike has trained 962 dogs and counting(As of 2012).  He has trained with top Trainers all over the country.  He has seen all the issues with dogs, and knows how to get results from his training methods.  He is well respected in the field as the "Expert "Dog Trainer.  

When other trainers have issues they can't resolve, they call Mike.

Blue Line K-9 has been built on Results.  Teaching how to have a great relationship with dogs as well as training dogs to be well disciplined. 

Puppy Rescue Maryland

Puppies Are Worth Saving

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