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As of November 3rd, 2023, Georgia will have been in our rescue for 1 year. It's now been 16 months, and Georgia still doesn't have a family to call her own.

Georgia is a 4-6 year old Pitty Pointer mix that came to our rescue from a small shelter in Georgia, where she was surrendered, emaciated, with her 10 small babies. Georgia weighed just 30 pounds back in November, and you could see the deep, sunken pits in-between each and every rib. Throughout everything that she had been through, she remained the best mother to her pups, and full of love towards other dogs and all humans. 

Unfortunately, Georgia was also heartworm positive. It took her over two months to get to a healthy weight of around 55 pounds, then she completed her heartworm treatment. Heartworms are not contagious and Georgia will live a full and normal life. We can provide the education on heartworms and previous heartworm positive dogs. She has already completed her treatment in full.

Georgia LOVES to play with other dogs, from puppies to full grown large dogs. We have discovered that she LOVES to bark at birds and chases squirrels and rabbits, so she will need a home without rodents, or small animals. However she is wonderful with kids. Georgia spent some time with a cat in the house and adjusted well, though when leash walking she fixates on community cats. Georgia can jump a 4 foot fence, so her forever home will need to use a lead when outdoors. This lead will be provided to her forever family. She also enjoys leash walks, through she is very strong. Working with a trainer on leash walking would make everyone much happier. She is house and crate trained, loves snuggling up on the couch watching football, or chasing a ball around and being goofy. Georgia is an instant favorite everywhere she goes, and would make a great indoor family pet or a fun hiking buddy or something in-between. 

Georgia is now fully vetted, spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, healthy, and ready for adoption. 

Send us an application via the ADOPTION link to get started. 

Georgia is being fostered in Abingdon, MD

Featured Dog


Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue based out of Forest Hill, Maryland. Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. (PAWS Rescue) was started in February of 2013, and we became a 501(c)3 in January of 2015. All donations, fees, and proceeds go directly to helping our dogs.

PAWS is ran by a group of volunteers that are dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and puppies. We are open to any breed and as long as we have room, we do not say no. We will try to find a specific breed or age of dog in a shelter as an alternative to someone buying from a breeder. We believe that all Puppies Are Worth Saving.

PAWS pulls dogs and puppies from dangerous situations and places them in loving, caring, forever homes. We work with a group of dedicated fosters to ensure that the dogs are getting the love and care that they need. We will adopt to any location that is within a 4 hour drive, as long as the adopter can come meet and pick up the dogs.

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