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Penny Loo arrived to our rescue on Christmas Eve, and every dog that came with her has either been adopted or has a family lined up. She is an approximately 5 yr old, black Pitty Mix.

Statistically, she will be adopted last. Statistically, they are the most euthanized in shelters. Statistically, people will continue to look past her....until that one special someone comes along. And looks into those eyes. And sees how perfect she is.

Penny's Foster Momma has the following to say:  "Someone needs to stop me from adding this doll to my family! This love is amazing!!! She is the perfect combo of play and chill.  She loves to play with the dogs but is also so content chewing on bones or tearing up the soft toys! Even my dog is playing with her, and that is saying something! She loves to snuggle up on the couch and relax.  She likes to go on walks but will need leash training.  She is also timid about stairs but with some TLC and she goes up and down just fine! I ️<3 her!"

Penny loves to chew up some doggy toys, so some awesome toys are a must for her forever home. She also loves to carry her toys outside with her, and cuddle up with wrapping paper. Penny is good with children 5+ and dogs, but not friendly with cats.

Penny Loo is fully vaccinated, is Microchipped, and Spayed. She is being fostered in Abingdon, MD


If your family would benefit from adopting Penny Loo, or any of our other puppiesplease view our policies and fill out an application.


For more information contact us at or on our Facebook page.



Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue and puppy rescue based out of Forest Hill, Maryland. Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. (PAWS Rescue) was started in January 2015. All donations, fees, and proceeds go directly to helping our dogs.

PAWS is ran by a group of volunteers that are dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and puppies. We are open to any breed and as long as we have room, we do not say no. We will try to find a specific breed or age of dog in a shelter as an alternative to someone buying from a breeder. We believe that all Puppies Are Worth Saving.

PAWS pulls dogs and puppies from dangerous situations and places them in loving, caring, forever homes. We work with a group of dedicated fosters to ensure that the dogs are getting the love and care that they need. We will adopt to any location, as long as the adopter can come meet and pick up the dogs.


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