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Featured Dog

Scarlett came to us from a rural Tennessee shelter, where she ended up with her 3 babies. The babies have luckily been adopted, but Scarlett is still waiting for her turn. Even though she arrived at the shelter with every rib showing and completely starved, Scarlett knows nothing but love. Since arriving to us on March 10th, 2024, Scarlett has shown us her gentle and nurturing personality. She is instantly friends with ALL other dogs, and immediately loves on all strangers. Actually, there are no strangers, because Scarlett insists on greeting each and every one of them, so hopefully you're a social person. Scarlett is also good with kids, but she can be jumpy when she misses you, so bigger kids, or those used to jumpy dogs, may be best. Unfortunately, Scarlett would do better without cats in the home. She listens very well in a fenced in yard, is easy to walk on a leash, and is house/crate trained. 

Scarlett is COMPLETELY vetted, meaning she has all of her vaccines, microchip, is spayed, and on heartworm preventatives. 

Scarlett is in a foster home in Whiteford, MD, and she's just waiting on you. She is a perfect 40 pounds with one blue eye and ears that can hear the cheese wrapper from an acre away. 

Featured Dog


Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue based out of Forest Hill, Maryland. Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. (PAWS Rescue) was started in February of 2013, and we became a 501(c)3 in January of 2015. All donations, fees, and proceeds go directly to helping our dogs.

PAWS is ran by a group of volunteers that are dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and puppies. We are open to any breed and as long as we have room, we do not say no.  We believe that all Puppies Are Worth Saving.

PAWS pulls dogs and puppies from dangerous situations and places them in loving, caring, forever homes. We work with a group of dedicated fosters to ensure that the dogs are getting the love and care that they need. We will adopt to any location that is within a 4 hour drive, as long as the adopter can come meet and pick up the dogs.

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