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Chloe is a 5-ish year old 42 pound scruffy terrier mix looking for a Foster to Adopt home.

She had quite the unfortunate life in Georgia and litter after litter of puppies. Throughout all of that she is still amazing and incredibly loving and sweet!
In the few weeks that Chloe has been in Maryland, she has met many people and noone is a stranger to her!!!

Chloe does well with all humans even the little ones. She has done well with all dogs she has met, however she will require all potential dog siblings to do a meet and greet first. She can be a little dominate (she wants to play in their face right away) and we want to make sure everyone's personality can tolerate that. There were even cats in one temp foster home that she was playful but harmless with.

She is house trained, crate trained, walks well on a leash, rides well in a car, and is just overall great!

Chloe is currently spayed and fully vaccinated however she is heartworm positive. She will be placed in a foster to adopt home until we finish her treatment then the adoption will be finalized.


If your family would benefit from adopting Chloe, or any of our other puppiesplease view our policies and fill out an application.


For more information contact us at or on our Facebook page.



Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue and puppy rescue based out of Forest Hill, Maryland. Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. (PAWS Rescue) was started in January 2015. All donations, fees, and proceeds go directly to helping our dogs.

PAWS is ran by a group of volunteers that are dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and puppies. We are open to any breed and as long as we have room, we do not say no. We will try to find a specific breed or age of dog in a shelter as an alternative to someone buying from a breeder. We believe that all Puppies Are Worth Saving.

PAWS pulls dogs and puppies from dangerous situations and places them in loving, caring, forever homes. We work with a group of dedicated fosters to ensure that the dogs are getting the love and care that they need. We will adopt to any location, as long as the adopter can come meet and pick up the dogs.


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