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If you want an amazing dog, please read this long post. Arya is looking for a foster to adopt home.

Arya came to us from Texas on 8/2/20 very pregnant. Less than a week later she began a complicated labor which lead to an emergency c-section, and tragically losing all 11 of her babies. Arya's personality changed a little bit after that, but her current foster has been making great strides with her.

Arya is extremely loving and affectionate. She can be human selective (wary of strangers), typically loves women the most, but has met men she loves and men she doesn’t. She will follow the females around the house all day long, barely letting them out of her site. She has also found herself to be protective of her humans from other dogs. Even though she looks very comfy with her foster dog sibling in the pictures, that took a couple weeks of an experienced foster's hard work. Arya is house trained, crate trained, walks amazing on a leash, and is just overall an amazing dog. She is not high energy and would be ok in a smaller house or even with an older owner.

Arya is spayed and 100% vaccinated. She is also Heartworm positive. They are not contagious and we treat this many times a year. The new foster would simply have to bring her back for treatment on 9/21.

We are looking for either a female-only home or a highly GSD experienced home. Either way no kids and at this time no other pets.

We know it's a long shot but her perfect home is out there somewhere. Arya CAN be around other pets and CAN be around strangers and CAN be around men and children. It's just best if she doesn't live with them. Her forever family should also be dedicated to joining a confidence training course.


If your family would benefit from adopting Arya, or any of our other puppiesplease view our policies and fill out an application.


For more information contact us at or on our Facebook page.



Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue and puppy rescue based out of Forest Hill, Maryland. Puppies Are Worth Saving Inc. (PAWS Rescue) was started in January 2015. All donations, fees, and proceeds go directly to helping our dogs.

PAWS is ran by a group of volunteers that are dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and puppies. We are open to any breed and as long as we have room, we do not say no. We will try to find a specific breed or age of dog in a shelter as an alternative to someone buying from a breeder. We believe that all Puppies Are Worth Saving.

PAWS pulls dogs and puppies from dangerous situations and places them in loving, caring, forever homes. We work with a group of dedicated fosters to ensure that the dogs are getting the love and care that they need. We will adopt to any location, as long as the adopter can come meet and pick up the dogs.


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